Beating the Global Financial Crisis is just around the corner...
Today more than ever before it's critical for you to have a second (and third, and fourth…) stream of income!

"Here's Your 4 Day VIP Pass To Look Inside
The Grants 'Ultimate Business Model' That
Makes 7 Figures Per Year, Passively!"

Derek Boyer (Australia's Strongest Man)
Reveals How He Got The Gladiator Diet
Featured on National Television

Here's How Nick Made $99,800 in a Weekend

This Workshop is for you if you:

Like the idea of selling higher priced products and making big chunks of money

Don't have any particular expertise, but want to sell info products (we'll show you how to create world class products!)

Are an expert in an area and you want to cash in on that (especially if you're currently exchanging time for money)

Want to create passive income streams so you can make money while you sleep, or while you holiday!

Have tried many opportunities and just haven't found the missing link

Can follow easy to learn and step by step instructions


Here’s Your Realistic Chance
To Live a Millionaire Lifestyle For a Month,
Cruise on the Caribbean for Diamonds
or Own a Luxury Sports Car!

Which Would You Choose?


At our workshops, we always try to do something fun.

But this time we just can’t agree on the prize. We each have an idea of what we think people would love the best. And our team have thrown in their idea just for good measure!

So here’s what we’re going to do. Just by attending, you’ll automatically qualify to go into the draw to win the prize. But YOU decide what you want!!!

How cool is that?

So here are the options (only 1 vote per person please!):

$100K Prize #1: High Performance Sports Car 

Andrew votes for a high performance sports car. Something red, racy and totally modded up. Get a rush every time you want to get from A to B!

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$100K Prize #2: Cruising For Diamonds

Daryl votes for a cruise on the Caribbean with enough spending money to buy some serious diamonds! And for the guys, there’s some dazzling watches for you to get a great deal on.

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$100K Prize #3: Millionaire Lifestyle

Our team thinks that living a millionaire lifestyle for a month would be awesome – with your own personal chef, housekeeper, masseur, personal trainer, gardener, shopper and even chauffeur! Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to worry about any of these!

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Well, whichever one you go with, one lucky attendee is going to have the chance to win one of these awesome prizes, valued at $100,000 that we’ll draw at the event.

Just for attending the event, you go in the draw for a chance to WIN!!

Of course you get much more than this when you attend our workshop – you get to learn stuff that can literally change your life.

If it wasn’t for our internet businesses, we’d still be working 7 days a week, swapping time for money, and never getting anywhere financially.

At this event we’ll share with you in detail the strategies that we used to get ourselves out of the rat-race, and living the life we’d always dreamed of. It’s made such a huge difference to our lives that we just love sharing it with others.


Terms & Conditions


Our Internet Secrets 4-Day Workshop

27th – 30 July 2012, Q1 Resort & Spa - Gold Coast

Join Andrew and Daryl Grant and some of their hand-chosen experts over 4 exhilarating days at the Q1 Resort and Spa, where they will be showing you... to set up your own internet business that runs on auto-pilot.

Given that we had our last Gold Coast event in March, it is pretty fair to say that seats are going to get snapped
up pretty fast…so as an existing client of ours we wanted to make sure you had a chance to grab a seat…

So what's all the fuss about?

Well, we often hear people say – "Nobody does events like this anymore!"

What's different?

Well for one, it's definitely NOT a sell-fest where you sit through a series of un-related 90 minute sales pitches!

Our focus is on giving you training that's practical, step-by-step and straight forward, with loads of examples to make it easy to understand.

To show you exactly what we mean, here's an outline of what we'll be covering on each day:


DAY 1 – Friday 27 July. 

You'll be learning all about making passive income on the internet. 

We show you step-by-step exactly how to find a lucrative niche, as well as some quick, clever ways to research that niche so that you can beat your competition.

We'll also show you how to write a winning sales letter. You know we have one sales letter that's made us over a million dollars? We'll show you how.

DAY 2 – Saturday 28 July. 

We continue with the steps to creating a passive online income.

You'll learn how to quickly, easily and cheaply build downloadable products.

We then show you the ways we drive loads of eager-to-buy people to our websites.

We'll show you how we use Google Adwords, email marketing, teleseminars, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and loads more to quickly find hungry customers.

DAY 3 – Sunday 29 July. 

We will finish off the process of building a passive online business.

We'll be showing you how to build a website that sells, and how to tweak it to get the most income out of it. That website that's made us over a million dollars – would you believe we nearly canned it in the first few weeks? It wasn't until we tweaked it (and we'll show you how) that the money started flowing.

Then we show you something REALLY exciting – how you can supercharge the process, and create a 6 or 7 figure business in as little as 90 days. Over the last 2 years we've been involved in 9 of these businesses – at the workshop you'll see why we think they're the best thing since sliced bread!

DAY 4 – Monday 30 July.

We know that none of this works without a success mindset, and a plan to make it all a reality.

On this last day we show you the "secret sauce" that we add to all our internet businesses that makes them so successful.

We first show you the techniques we use to identify and eliminate our subconscious blockages to being successful (yes, we're still weeding them out!).

Then we show you how we plan any new internet business so that we get the outcome (and the income!) we want from it. You'll walk out at 5pm with a mini business plan, ready to start on Tuesday!

We told you it was quite an event, and with tickets valued at $1,997 each, this is not an event to miss.

But... we are gifting you these tickets at no cost to you. The reason you get this gift is because you are either an existing client of ours, or you are the friend of a client who cares about you enough to send you the link to this page. That's right, no cost to you as it is our gift to you.

What Some Recent Attendees Say About Our Workshop


"Well here I am two weeks back from your Internet Secrets 4 day workshop and I found myself reflecting on how good, unbelievably good the 4 days were…

Wow! What a wake-up call….I just wasted 2 years dealing with problems when I should have attended this and fast tracked income producing solutions.

I still can't believe all the information that was packed into 4 days..not one boring moment…

With your 4 days it was exceptional and worth every minute of the invested time and money to come down from ASIA. .."

Graham Bibby, Hong Kong


And that is what just some of the people who have been to our most recent 4 day Our Internet Secrets workshop have had to say about it!

So, if you're looking for inspiration, information, guidance, ideas and clear direction to implement your plan for financial freedom, then you can do no better than spend 27-30 July with us!


It's The Ultimate Freedom Business

Here is me, Daryl and our two kids
Brodie and Cian at Disneyland

Since starting our own amazing journey, we've learnt that it's true - people around the world really are getting seriously wealthy and leading incredible lives with automatic pilot internet businesses.

(We've been fortunate enough to meet many of them and now call some of them our friends).

It's often info that they already know or can easily obtain about their hobbies, interests, and business passions.

The lifestyle that an internet information business can give you is truly unmatched.

I can't tell you what an awesome feeling it is for us to be able to work these days because we want to not because we have to…

…for our kids to wake up to 180 degree water views in a Gold Coast luxury high-rise apartment every morning

…to come home from showing our kids the world in 5-star luxury and find our bank account is fatter than when we left. (That one we particularly love!)

As sappy as it sounds, it's truly a dream come true.

... Picture being able to enjoy another full-time income without quitting your day job.

... Imagine spending the day on the golf course or at the beach and knowing the money was still rolling in.

... Imagine getting your kids ready for school… reading them a book before they go to bed at night… knowing your e-business is still ticking over…pumping cash into your coffers.

... How great would it be to be able to contribute significantly to the family finances without having to get a job outside your home?

... Imagine what it would be like not to have to worry about the ever rising cost of groceries and fuel that the newspaper headlines are full of these days. Or whether your pension or superannuation was going to stretch far enough to give you a comfortable retirement.

Daryl and I don't have to imagine all this because this is the amazing reality we now live every day. We want to teach you how we've done it, so you can do it too!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Andrew and Daryl Grant