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How to Buy Websites For Instant Income

Dear Fellow and Future Entrepreneurs,

If you've always wanted to own your own profitable online business but you wanted a quicker, easier way of getting in, then this is the event for you.

In just 2 hours, we're going to reveal the exact system we use to find and buy profitable websites. You're going to see how you can build your online empire FAST. You can even start out part time!

here's a sneak peak of what to expect
How you can buy a website that gives you INSTANT CASHFLOW for as little as $1
Why the market is NOW ripe for picking up juicy little website bargains. But don't leave it too long – right now there's not a lot of competition out there. We don't know how long this great opportunity will last
You get a checklist to make choosing a great website simple and quick. There's a lot of "junk" out there. This checklist shows you exactly what to look for.
How to value a website so you know when you're getting a bargain and when you're being ripped off.
What websites you should NEVER buy, and how you can spot the scams. Our "RED FLAGS" list gives you the danger signs of websites to avoid
The simple steps to quickly renovate a website and double your returns. You'll learn the quickest and easiest things to do FIRST to increase the money coming in
How to build your own online "empire" starting with no experience and very little money. Imagine owning 5, 10, 20 money-making websites – how would THAT change your life?

Who Are We?

Over the last 16 years we have bought, renovated and sold offline businesses, and 7 years ago Matt started selling businesses professionally. It was through this experience that we developed our strategies for recognising and buying underperforming businesses, turning them around using fast and easy renovation techniques and then selling them for a profit. It was great fun, and an easy way to make money.

THEN we discovered the internet – and realised that everything we'd learned with offline businesses applied to online businesses as well – only the results came bigger, faster and easier!

And you can start at any level – in fact we'll show you how you can buy a fully functional website (even one that is making money) from just $1!

Right now there is a huge opportunity sitting there waiting for the people who have the right knowledge and motivation. And now is the time to get in before the big guys notice and realise what they're missing…

What if you're you already in business?

What a great way to grow your online presence! Now is the time to buy up websites in your area. You could even buy up the competition and own the whole online market in your niche.

"Hang on!", you might be thinking "I don't know anything about websites, how will I know which one to buy?"

Don't be fooled - it's like any business -
you need to know what you're looking for...

There are tricks to this! Remember there are scams out there, and not everyone is as honest as you are. So you need to know what you're doing before you even contemplate diving in too quickly!

That's why you need to be at our 2-hour "How to Buy Websites For Instant Income" event, where we give you the knowledge you need to get started - safely and successfully.
NOW is your chance to take advantage of this cutting-edge opportunity and get the latest information, step-by-step system and inside tricks so you can start building your online empire.

Discover how almost anyone can own a bunch of highly valuable websites that create passive income quickly and easily, all for a fraction of the cost of traditional business or real estate.

Event Details

We’re running four of these events – two in Brisbane, and two on the Gold Coast

Wednesday 1 February – 12 – 2pm, or 6 – 8 pm, at Rydges Southbank, 9 Glenelg St, Brisbane


Thursday 2 February – 12 – 2pm, or 6 – 8 pm, at Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hanlan St, Surfers Paradise

You can choose which of these you want to attend when you click the booking link below.

So what next?

Take action NOW and register for “How to Buy Websites For Instant Income”. You’ll look back on this time as an incredible turning point in your life!

If you have any interest in this at all, get yourself educated now. The bottom line is this: You need to attend because the “How to Buy Websites For Instant Income” event will give you the knowledge you need to successfully build your online business empire quickly and easily, and give you the cashflow you need to live the lifestyle you deserve...

We'll enjoy meeting you there!

All the best,

Matt and Liz