An Important Message For Technophobes, Internet Entrepreneurs And ‘Bricks And Mortar’ Business Owners Who Want To Make Lots Of Money Online…

“Finally, A One Stop-Shop Providing All The Expert Help You Need To Build Your Passive Online Income!”

Let us show you how this group of Australian internet entrepreneurs can help you to set up and run your own lucrative internet business.

From the desk of leading Australian internet entrepreneurs Andrew and Daryl Grant
Location: Brisbane, Qld,  Australia

Dear Friend,

Let us ask you a question – are you making the amount of money you’d like to be making on the internet right now? Or is there room for improvement?

It’s a serious question.

You see we know plenty of people who, right now, are living the life of their dreams, because they’ve set up the right sort of internet business. One that operates on remote control, and makes them money while they sleep. And while the money’s nice to have, what it really means to them is…


What would financial freedom mean to you? Would it mean freedom from worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills and feed your family? Freedom from your demanding boss? Freedom to do what you want, whenever you want?

  • Just picture being able to enjoy another full-time income without quitting your day job.
  • Imagine spending the day on the golf course or at the beach and knowing the money was still rolling in.
  • Imagine getting your kids ready for school… reading them a book before they go to bed at night… knowing your  internet business is still ticking over pumping cash into your coffers.
  • How great would it be to be able to contribute significantly to the family finances without having to get a job outside your home? 
  • Tell us, how much weight would fall from your shoulders if you knew you never had to worry about the ever rising cost of living again? How confident would you feel?
  • How good would it feel to be building a lucrative asset for your family instead of making your boss rich?

Now, while we know plenty of people who are fortunate enough to have all of this, we know even more who are struggling to make it happen. We hear them give lots of reasons why it’s just not happening for them:

  • “I work so hard I just don’t have the time to put into setting up an internet business.”
  • “I’m overwhelmed by the choices! There are so many different ways to make money on the internet – I just don’t know where to start.”
  • “There seem to be so many different skills I have to learn – website building, copywriting, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimisation, list building. I keep buying training programs on all the things I need, but it seems never-ending.”
  • “There are so many gurus out there saying that their stuff is the best. I just don’t know who to believe.”

And that’s just some of the excuses!

If this sounds like you, then the great news is, we can help.

You see, we’ve gotten together with a group of other Australian internet entrepreneurs. We’ve put together what we believe is the best internet coaching program on the planet.

It’s called, and it gives you around-the-clock access to unlimited expert support in every aspect of establishing your own internet business. It’s an Australian first internet coaching program dedicated to giving internet entrepreneurs all the definitive answers and expertise they need in one convenient central location.

Here’s just some of what you get as a member of

  • Access to the faculty – an A-team of hand-picked internet experts working on our behalf, without having to pay them their normal expert fees.
  • An ever-growing vault of hundreds of hours of videos and audio walking you step-by-step through every aspect of setting up an internet business… from properly structuring your site, to attracting hordes of ready-to-buy traffic, to powerful copywriting and online and offline marketing.
  • Weekly teleseminars where you’ll be able to quiz our panel of experts on any aspect of your business.
  • Two tickets to each of our quarterly workshops where we keep you up to date on all the latest developments in the fast-moving internet world.  And you’ll get to rub shoulders with the faculty and heaps of like-minded internet entrepreneurs.
  • FREE or heavily discounted tickets to workshops and seminars run by leading internet experts around Australia
  • The ability to request step-by-step training on any aspect of setting up and running your internet business and we’ll provide it for you FREE as part of your membership.
  • You’ll be able to submit questions at any time to our help desk. And in the unlikely event that it’s not covered in any of the other resources available to you, we’ll have the most relevant member of our faculty solve your problem for you so you can move forward
  • Heavily discounted services from our faculty of experts when you just want someone to do it for you.
  • An online forum where you can chat and compare notes with other members of the mentoring group… and even hook up for joint business opportunities.

Nothing like this has even been offered in Australia before

In fact, we’re not aware of this exceptional value model operating anywhere in the world.

It’s been specifically designed for fellow Aussies who…

  • are new to the internet, and who want to build a successful business in the shortest amount of time possible
  • have an existing internet business which they’d like to transform from an unprofitable embarrassment to a wealth-building cash machine
  • dream of owning their own profitable business with very little overheads and no employees
  • want to create a lifestyle others have only dreamed of, and do it from the comfort and privacy of their own home
  • have a ‘bricks and mortar’ business but would also like to grow their bottom line by selling their products and services online

And for those members who don’t want to discover how to do this stuff themselves?

That’s not a problem, because as a member of you’ll enjoy priority access to 14 (so far) of Australia’s leading internet gurus who’ll do it for you at mates rates.

And I don’t use the word ‘gurus’ lightly.

You see, the team of experts on the faculty are people we know personally from building our own successful internet business. The great thing about them is that they all “walk the talk”. Every one of them has been selected as part of the faculty because they are, right now, making serious money from their internet businesses.

And every one of them has a unique area of expertise. In fact they’ve been chosen because they’re the best in Australia at what they do.

Would you like to meet them? Here’s a bit about each of the faculty members, starting with yours truly…

How two Technophobes from Queensland
made US$250,000 in their first
12 months on line

Now they make more than 10 times that amount!

Hi, it’s Andrew and Daryl Grant here and we’re so pleased to have permanently left behind the drudgery of full time work and created the life we really want.  It's wonderful to have finally reached financial independence - it's been a goal of ours for a while now!

We gained our financial freedom not long after we attended a seminar about internet marketing.  At first we were sceptical.  It seemed all too good to be true, and all a bit too hard, as we barely knew how to do anything more adventurous than send an email. 

But we thought we’d give it a go by developing an ebook and see if it could be done.  We have to tell you, at first it wasn’t all plain sailing.  In fact we nearly abandoned the whole idea after a month or so, until we accidentally stumbled on one tiny tweak in Google which literally changed things overnight.  We went from a handful of sales to a mountain of sales.  It was very exciting!

We kept tweaking and testing and through trial and error eventually developed a process and system which worked.  We repeated the system several times with different ebook topics and by the end of our first year we were thrilled to have made over US$250,000 from these ebooks.

Since then we have met a number of wealthy internet entrepreneurs and learned an awful lot more about the doing business online. 

We’ve had our eyes opened to a whole new world we had no idea existed previously.  And the good thing is you don’t need to be a tech-head to do any of it.   You just need to be open to new ideas and have desire to succeed.

These days we still make money from our ebooks, but we’ve gone on to develop a number of other online businesses which make us much much more, month after month.

We get the biggest thrill of all from teaching other people how to do it too. Our goal is to help as many people as possible live the life they really want to lead, by showing them how to create one or several profitable (and relatively passive) sources of income using the internet.

So if you want to learn more, here’s how we will teach you:

  • The way we teach is to explain the What, Why and How in simple terms, for a range of different types of internet businesses.  This means that you understand the big picture as well as the detail, so you can make an informed decision about which type of business is right for you.
  • We share our “rolodex” with everyone we teach so you can easily find expert help with technical stuff.  We’ll even show you where and how to outsource any part of the business development or management if you need to. We outsource a lot of the technical development, writing, graphic design and even some of the administration. 
  • We provide email and phone support for those times when you need to talk to someone and get expert help.  Oh wow, a real person! 
  • And, most importantly, we provide extensive training with marketing.  There’s no point having a fabulous website and product if no-one knows about it. Driving customers to a website to buy is easy when you know how.  But it changes all the time as new technology emerges.  Our team of experts makes sure we’re kept up to date so that none of us waste time or money on the wrong strategies, and our businesses continue to grow.

When you join OurInternetSecrets we’ll give you:

  1. Access to our ebook mentoring program valued at $16,995.  You get 68 step-by-step lessons on how to develop your own ebook business.  Don’t worry, it won’t take forever to get your first ebook online!  This should be possible after you’ve completed the steps in the first 8 or 9 eclasses.  The rest of the eclasses provide you with advanced strategies and tips.  We also provide a heap of camtasia videos, audios, software and certificates for coaching and technical support.
  2. Access to our membership sites development pack valued at $21,426.  Membership sites are arguably the best type of business you could ever have.  Imagine having loyal clients who pay you month after month, for only a few hours work each week.  In our membership sites development pack we show you exactly how to plan, design and build your own membership site.
  3. Two tickets to our 2009 quarterly 2-day workshops valued at $8000, to be held at Mantra Legends Hotel on the Gold Coast.

That’s $46,421 value.  And that’s only the beginning.  There’s more - see further down this page.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their new online businesses

Naturopath Liz Noble paid off her mortgage
and much more with her first 2 ebooks
Millionaire Ian Marsh got his start with Andrew and Daryl’s  ebook program
Jason Urbanowicz had  his first membership site
up and making money in a week
David McMahon makes several thousand dollars a month from his membership coaching program

I’ll show you how I made over
$1.25 million in my first 12 months
as a professional speaker...
and the steps to follow so you can too

More About Joanna Martin
I explored life as a medical practitioner and actor before launching my career as an NLP Trainer and CEO of “Shift Lifestyle”.

I started my first business as a life coach, and through a series of happy coincidences (and damn dedicated study of marketing) I was quickly approached by some of the movers and shakers of Sydney’s business scene.

My odd mix of being intelligent enough to pull off a medical career, with my irreverent performer’s attitude attitude (I was trained at the prestigious “Actors Centre Australia” - other alumni include Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman) made me quite memorable in the field of communications and transformation.

A quick rise to success
Before long I was consulting to companies such as ANZ bank, John Fairfax Publishing and Ebay, as well as working with individual small business owners and lesser known but very successful firms in the Sydney business scene.

I was then invited by Christopher Howard to take on the role of Head of Research and Training for his organisation where my speaking career sky rocketed!

Living my dreams
Today, I train entrepreneurs and professionals alike in key communication, leadership, and presentation skills. My company, Shift Lifestyle provides strategy and support for business owners who want to live life on their terms.

Area of Expertise

As part of the “Our Internet Secrets” faculty I will be supporting you to take your products to the stage and get ready for your Big Pay Day as a speaker.

You will learn:

  • The 7 Steps to Designing a Presentation that inspires people to take action and buy your products
  • How you could make more in an hour than most people do in a year using the skill of speaking from stage.
  • The 3 Steps to influence that most business owners forget
  • The secret that the wildly wealthy wordsmiths know, that the struggling speakers don’t.
  • Why anyone can make money as a speaker, including you
  • How to leverage your time effectively and create the Ultimate Lifestyle Business and get paid to travel.
  • How one of my clients made over $80,000 in two hours and said it “was easier than ever before”

When you join OurInternetSecrets I’ll give you my "Getting Started in Speaking" Tele-Training Series valued at $264. This series of 4 teleseminars comes with worksheets to help you to immediately apply the learnings to your own speaking business.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about what I offer:

Aaron Parsons, Victoria. Speaker and Coach on Entrepreneurialism Michelle McCarthy, Northern NSW
Cultural Awareness Advocate
Annette Welsford, Brisbane
Internet Marketer
Matt Clarkson, Gold Coast
EBay Speaker

We’ll Show You How to Make Unstoppable,
Automated Cashflow on eBay

Like most people we were busting a gut, both working more than 50 hours a week trying to make a living.  We’d did stints working for other people and we started our own businesses – several in fact.  Hard work, long hours, pathetic money and high frustration was about all we achieved, over and over again.

Then we discovered eBay. Within six months from a standing start in 2006, we were making over $50,000 every single month on eBay working less than 10 hours a week … and we still continue to do so after three years!


Our Area of Expertise

We’ve since gone on to create the world’s leading eBay education courses and have shown thousands of people like you how to do the same.  We now have hundreds of happy members living the eBay lifestyle too!

Our simple to follow, step by step recipe for eBay success can be easily implemented by anyone with a passion for wanting to create a high profit, work from home business.

We can help you make automated money on eBay 7 days a week! (But beware…it’s addictive watching the money come in)

As a member of you get to attend our 3 day workshop for the price of a donation to our favourite charity – the Starlight Foundation.  So far every single workshop we’ve run has sold out within 2 weeks of being announced!  Here’s just a taste of some of the things you will learn

  • How to find the ‘hottest selling products’ on eBay... the key to making money on eBay is selling what people WANT, not what you want to sell them.

  • How to get the edge on your competitors… how to find out what they’re earning, the difference between a fantastic eBay listing and a bad one, and why some sellers make big money and some make none… selling the same item!

  • The exact times of the day to sell your products so you’ll make even more money… save $1000’s by eliminating the chances of making costly timing mistakes.

  • How to make more money once the auction is completed… getting your customers shopping with you over and over again.

  • How to ‘cross promote’ with existing products... and make tons more money.

  • At least 9 different ways to make a living on eBay… start where you’re comfortable and then build from there. 

  • How to use eBay as a massive lead generator for your own website business. (Legally of course ;-) The possibilities are truly incredible!

and lots more . . .

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about what they’ve learned from us:

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Rosie Makes $4,000 In Her First 3 Weeks
Selling On eBay

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Daryl Made $100,000 In Sales Over The
Last 3 Months

I'll show you how to use Google AdWords
the right way & get a ton of traffic to your website. Then how to convert that traffic to leads & sales

Mike Rhodes was born and raised in Hertfordshire in the UK. He spent his childhood falling out of trees & building things.

When he was 5 he saw a tv program that made him want to be a helicopter pilot. That dream took him to Hawaii where he learnt to fly and then back to the UK to work for Lord Hanson's helicopter company which had many varies VIP clients including The Queen, Bill Gates, Michael Schumacher & Tom Cruise.

Realising he didn't want to fly for the rest of his life, Mike travelled around the world & snowboarded in four continents before landing in New Zealand where he started his first business venture. There was a minor setback when it was flooded after only two days of trading, but the once the water had gone he went on to build a popular business which he sold in 2001 when he moved to Sydney.

He now spends his time speaking, consulting & mentoring with businesses on the subjects of Google AdWords, online marketing and increasing Conversion rates of websites.

He now lives in Melbourne with his wife Gabriella and when not working from his home office is usually found on a mountain bike or running through forests training for another adventure race.


  • Google AdWords: the most targeted advertising tool ever invented. BUT as easy as it is to use, it's difficult to master. I'll show you how to:

    • Setup your account the right way
    • How to find the right keywords to use
    • How to right ads that get attention
    • How to see what your competitors are up to
    • How to manage your account
    • Which numbers are important & what they mean to you
    • How to continually get cheaper & cheaper clicks

  • Google Analytics: you can't manage what you don't measure!        
    • How to quickly setup this powerful tool
    • Which reports you need to read & how often
    • How to link your reports with AdWords
    • How to find out what your prospects like & dislike about your site

  • Google Website Optimizer: how would you like to automatically improve the results that your websites get? With this tool you can:
    • Test variations of layouts to see which gets the most customers
    • Test different elements on your pages (images, headlines etc) to find the exact combination that means more sales or leads for you

  • Conversion Rate Improvements: there are a number of best-practices that you can employ on almost any website to dramatically improve the results it gets. I'll show you what those are & how to quickly & cheaply change the most important ones, so you get results fast.


  • Five part video course on Google Adwords Basics – everything you need to setup your account the right way the first time.
  • 15 videos on How to Use Adwords Editor – a very powerful (& free) tool to help you manage your account.
  • Google Adwords Mindmap – get the big picture.
  • Cheatsheet & quick startup guide – a quick reference guide you can come back to at any stage & refresh your memory.
  • A comprehensive review of your AdWords account – wouldn't you like an expert to take a look at your account & point out exactly what you need to change to improve results? This alone could save you months of frustration & wasted money. Usually sells for $497 - members price only $47.

“How to Sneak Under The Radar of the
Internet and Make Your Personal Fortune
with Offline Marketing”

How the heck did a self confessed “Internet Dummy” like me, make
$125,000 in 4 months and be featured alongside Australia’s
Most Successful Internet Marketers?

Good question.

As a single father raising 3 boys – I realized quickly that if I was ever going to take my kids around the world travelling, and live a life of freedom like the boys and I had always dreamed about...

Then it wasn’t going to happen while working for somebody else!

So with a “New and Exciting” business idea in mind and a heart full to the brim with confidence, I walked into my boss’s office and announced my resignation after 15 long and loyal years with the company.
As often dreamers do... I was determined to succeed... but after just 4 months of un-wavered persistence and grit determination - and after pouring every single cent of my long-service-leave income and personal savings into this new business venture – I was faced with one of life’s “slap-in-the-face” lessons...

I didn’t know how to market my business or myself... and believe it or not... I was now completely broke!

Not being a man who lies down and sulks – I quickly became an avid student of “Emotional Direct Response Marketing” – And (at first) as an attempt to earn some extra money, I was encouraged to learn the art of “Copywriting”. I latched onto Pete Godfrey as a mentor and studied the craft like no other. What happened next shocked even the most seasoned marketer...

As if I had been secretly preparing for this my whole life, my copywriting skills rapidly grabbed the attention of Australia’s BIGGEST Marketing gurus and I quickly became one of Australia’s most in-demand emotional direct response copywriters. Yeah... it shocked me too. But it was no fluke!

Here’s where the story gets interesting... I partnered up with a mate and obtained the marketing rights for a few information products - the perfect business to pour my copywriting talents into. Here’s what happened...

For a product that was meant to be sold for $495 online – I snuck under the radar of the internet and used successful offline marketing strategies to sell the same product for $1,497.00. And what was more amazing... is that I out sold the other licensees by up to 600% (who were still having trouble selling it at the old price).

I sold over $125,000 worth in just under 4 months – and broke all the records!
What was the difference?

It came down to one skill...

One skill... that can weather any economic storm or downturn!

One skill... that has become the modern day “Shovel” for all the Online Gold Diggers”

One skill... that is commonly overlooked, often underestimated... but will “make or break” your success

online and offline

One skill...  that if neglected will put a massive “kink” in any Cash Flow Pipeline...

One skill... that when utilized correctly, can make you drink from the fire-hose of Leads, Money and Success that flows.

And that skill is...“Emotional Direct Response Copywriting” – The art of writing words that sell.

And the best news? It can be learnt by anyone – and could possibly fill up your bank account faster than any other skill. I now write for Mal Emery, Andrew and Daryl Grant, Ari Galper, Declan Barnett and a host of other big named marketing gurus.

Combining my ‘freakish’ talents in copywriting plus my astute brain for street-smart marketing strategies, I now teach, coach and advise business owners and entrepreneurs who would like to tap into the abundant “oil well” of leads, prospects and potential customers who are swimming in the often “untouched” offline world...

- Or - anyone who would like a fast-track discover to writing emotionally driven, cash producing copywriting. Either way...

Here’s a sneak preview of what I will reveal to you...

  • How to find and make money from “Hot Selling” products with NO money!
  • A $300,000 Proven Marketing Strategy stripped down and revealed
  • Where to find the secret source of hungry “ready-to-pay” customers
  • How to write direct response ads that work offline and online
  • Million dollar advanced copywriting strategies that even the experts don’t openly share
  • Income exploding components of a sales letter that every business owner must know... but doesn’t
  • Fast-tracked Copywriting Tips that will propel your success!
  • Critical and costly mistakes that are separating you from piles of “hidden money”
  • How to sneak under the radar and make a fortune while everyone else gets stuck in “traffic jams” on-line.

Here’s my special gift to members of

I’m going to give you a sneak look into what I do and how I do it... and how I think (enter with caution).

It’s a recent copy of a 90 minute copywriting/marketing presentation I did to a room full of Australia’s best up and coming copywriters who each paid $7000 to be in the room.

Some of the best copywriters in the room claimed that this presentation was one of the best talks they’ve seen for anyone wanting to learn this amazing profitable craft.

This DVD (valued at $395) reveals...

  • Exactly what I did to acquire such sudden success!
  • How to get the “Big Idea” that will result in your biggest payday
  • 7 golden nuggets of copywriting tips that put me on the map
  • Raw & Uncut breakdown of my entire Offline Business
  • Snap Shot into my thinking behind my first “Million Dollar Letter”
  • And much, much more...

I’ll guide you step by step on how to the
technical stuff to get your first website up
and how to drive traffic to it

When I first started working for Andrew and Daryl my job was to implement the ebook model according to their specs. I built and launched several Ebook sites for them which made them US$250,000 in the first year. This was a great beginning. I have since developed, refined and created hundreds more projects ranging from blogs to membership sites.

I have developed a detailed knowledge of  Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdSense,  social networking techniques, video marketing and much much more.

In terms of my personal projects, I have my own highly successful membership site called which provides members with step by step instructions on how to drive masses of traffic to your website using over 27 different strategies.

I have also developed an incredibly simple but powerful new internet business model, which is easy to implement and quite lucrative.  I call it Occasional Marketing. This model is based on short term events or issues with wide audience appeal. I first implemented during the 2008 Olympic Games and earned around US$3500 in two weeks!

I am fortunate that every day I get to work on a wide variety of projects which thankfully means I am continually learning. I get heaps of inspiration from the experts I get to work with. You know what they say, “being with the best, makes you the best”

Area of expertise

  • Driving traffic to websites
  • Implementing new technical strategies and models
  • Customised website and blog design
  • Technical Coaching
  • The latest hot technical strategies that can be turned into $$$

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about what I offer:

Dennise Quinn

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I'll take you on an exciting journey of self discovery that unshackles you from the past and smashes through the blockages that have been holding you back from...

Wealth, Health, Success, Happiness, Relationships

The only limitation of the human mind is that it was issued without an instruction manual.

Because of that simple problem the world is full of genius unused, potential unrealised, goals unattained and dreams dashed..

  • If you've started to wonder if you really do have that vast potential you were told about in your youth.

  • If you know that you've done well but suspect that you could do so much better.

  • If you know you should be more motivated.

  • If you feel there has been some time and talent wasted.

  • If you still dream of reaching great heights as yet unscaled.

  • If there are a couple of persistent negative habits you'd love to leave behind.

  • If you'd like to make more money.

  • If you are busier than ever.

  • If you experience doubt, fear, guilt or other negative emotions.

  • If you can’t say you are 100% happy.

  • If you long to have passion and purpose in your day to day life.

  • If you'd love to help yourself and those around you have better self esteem.

  • If you want more energy.

As a Faculty member of Our Internet Secrets, I’m going to share with you EVERYTHING you need to know about:

  • how your mind works,
  • why it does the things that frustrate you,
  • how to change it into your most reliable and productive asset,
  • where, when, why & how to 'reprogram' it and
  • what to do to keep it running at peak efficiency for the rest of your life.  

For the past 30 years I’ve been lucky enough to help over 200,000 people make their dreams of wealth, health, happiness and relationships a reality.

Why Your Mental Attitude Is Vital to Achieving Success
With Your Online Business

Building an online business does not guarantee that you will become wealthy. 

Your attitude to money is so important.

And if you have any subconscious blockages to attracting and keeping money then you’re going to be beating your head against a brick wall when it comes to trying to achieve financial independence.

But the problem is most of us don’t even recognize that we have these blockages.

We just know that we don’t have all the money we want and wrongly think that we’ll have to work harder to get it.

I will show you how to bust through your brain’s self-sabotage mechanisms… to show you how to train your brain for wealth and success.

(By the way, my 9 wealthiest clients are worth over $250 million between them.)

What I will share with you is cutting-edge stuff. It’s a vital piece of the success jig-saw puzzle.

My Special Offer to members

When you become a member of, I’ll give you two free tickets to attend my 3 day Mental Toolbox workshop, valued at $1,970.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about what I offer:

“Discover The Insider Secrets To Scoring
Tens of Thousands of Dollars Worth of Media
Exposure Fo
r Your Online Business... FREE!”

Imagine being able to explode your profits and your internet site’s profile without spending a cent on marketing costs.

That’s exactly what I’m going to show you as part of your membership of - how to tap into the power of free media exposure.

But before I get ahead of myself let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Sue Gardiner and up until recently I was a journalist with 12 years experience working in newspapers and television.

Now I help clients squeeze every last dollar out of their marketing budgets, including showing them how to use free publicity to skyrocket their profits.

Several of my clients have appeared on prime time television and sold thousands of dollars worth of products, others have sold out seminars after appearing in major newspapers and yet more have built new online businesses literally in a couple of days.

Realising that this is a skill that everyone in business should have, Andrew and Daryl Grant invited me to join their Australian first internet club as its free publicity expert.

The Lazy Way To Grow Your Online Business

If you’re not using free publicity then you’re almost certainly working too hard to establish your business. That’s because free media can achieve in days what would normally take years.

As part of your membership of you’re going to discover:

  1. exactly what journalists are looking for and how to dish it up to them so they leap on your story
  2. how to write a ‘killer’ press release
  3. what times to send your release to maximise the chances of journalists responding to it
  4. how to follow up your release without being a pest
  5. how to build relationships with key journalists so they start calling you when they’re doing stories on your specialty area
  6. little known insider tips and hints I picked up while working in ‘the belly of the beast’ on how to achieve free publicity

And much, much more.

Free offer

As a member of you’ll be entitled to a free media audit of your publicity strategy. This is a service normally valued at $1200.

The audit entails:

  1. a comprehensive review of your press release including suggestions for angles, headlines and introductory paragraphs
  2. suggestions for which media you should target
  3. a potted guide to how your release should read and what information you should include and exclude

I’ll Share With You How I Spent 8 Months
Living Abroad In 25 Different Cities,
Yet Came Back With More Money In My
Bank Account Than When I Left,
All Because Of My Internet Business

How Does Sitting In Rome, New York, London or Hawaii - A New City Each Week - Running Your Business And Living A Great Life Full Of Amazing New Experiences Sound To You? ...

...That’s exactly what I did in 2008. I lived in apartments in amazing cities around the world and travelled for 8 months, running my Internet business from my laptop the entire time.

What made my experience particularly amazing was looking at my bank balance upon return to Brisbane. Despite spending well over $50,000 during my travels (eating nice food and staying in above-average accommodation can get costly!) I had more money than when I left.

How did I do this?

I was able to earn more than $150,000 during my time overseas because my business is 100% online, and requires only a small amount of time to manage. It’s based on something I love (I actually WANTED to work on my business while I travelled), operates 24 hours a day whether I’m online or not or where in the world I am and is a stable income stream that doesn’t come and go.

So what’s my secret? There’s a simple answer...

I’m a blogger.

What’s a blogger? A blogger is someone who runs a blog and a blog is simply a website, but a special kind of website that if managed well, can turn into a lucrative income stream, which is what I currently do and teach others how to do.

Through a blog you can tap into almost any niche market online and turn what other people are passionate about, and what you are passionate about too, into money. It’s not a complicated process, but it does require some knowledge and skills, which is what I’m here for.

I can become your blog coach and help you set up a blog, find a subject that has the potential to make money for you, then give you the step-by-step system to build an audience and then make money from it.

You will learn...

  1. What blog software I use and recommend and how to set up your first blog in under a minute

  2. How to assess your own skills, experiences, studies and passions to find a topic you can focus on

  3. How to assess the current marketplace to make sure the topic you choose has the potential to make money (just because you like something doesn’t mean there’s money to be made in that topic!)

  4. What type of content attracts an audience so people actually come and read your blog (this is the most crucial step if you ever want to make money and where most people go wrong)

  5. Once you have an audience, how you can then derive as much as $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 a month just from one blog by using the three main monetization strategies that bloggers use today, which I will teach you

  6. How to ramp your income up further by using your blog as a springboard for becoming a true expert in your field, which can lead to speaking engagements, book deals, television and radio appearances, and connections with the most important people in your industry

  7. I’ll show you example case studies from my successful students who currently make money by blogging on topics they are passionate about, like sports, cars, fat loss, alternative health, skincare and mountain biking

  8. And the most important tip - I’ll show you how your blog can be the foundation for a truly automated online business, granting you the freedom to travel, or spend time with your family, or do whatever it is you really want to do with your life (or give you time to figure that out if you don’t know yet!).

My Special Offer to members

When you join you will receive my two most popular guidebooks for enjoying success and making thousands of dollars from a blog.

The Blog Profits Blueprint (in PDF and MP3 Audio format): The blueprint teaches you every step from beginner to expert on how to make money with a blog, written entirely by me (no ghostwriters).

The Roadmap To Become A Blogger Report And 10 Blog Set-Up Videos: Co-created with my business partner Gideon Shalwick, who is a video expert, we present you 10 videos that show you exactly how to set up your blog, with instructions so easy your grandmother could do it, and the Roadmap Report, which details how using multimedia and social media can deliver exponential results online in a a very short time.

Here are some testimonials from my previous graduate students...

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Francis Wade

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Charles Kirkland

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Michelle A Vandepas - Graduate

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Diana Guerro -
Current Student

I'll Share With You How I Started With NO List,
NO Product and NO Reputation and within
8 Weeks Had a List of Thousands,
Won an Award for Best Membership Site and
Matched My Previous 12 Months Income
- All With The Power of Joint Ventures.

When you start to learn about building a business on the Internet you hear the one thing over and over, almost like a mantra "The Money Is In The List". But how do you build a list and build it FAST? And then once you've got the list how do you make money anyway if you don't have anything to sell?

This is the problem I had when I decided to launch Wonderful Web Women in August 2007 and I'm sure this is a problem you may have too.

Then I discovered the secret. Joint Ventures. You get other people, experts in fact, to build your list for you and create the products for you at the same time! Even better, they put money in YOUR bank account. Impossible you say? Well that's what I did and it's what I'll be sharing with you when you join Our Internet Secrets.

As part of your membership of you’re going to discover:

  • How to position yourself as an expert so your ideal clients come looking for YOU

  • The 4 key things that motivate a Joint Venture Partner to work with you

  • The system to build a list of highly targeted customers quickly

  • How to build a community of raving fans instead of just a list

  • How to create in-demand products fast and then milk them for all their worth

  • The secrets to building long term relationships with experts so THEY ask to work with You again

My Special Offer To Members

I have 3 gifts for you

1. How to use Internet marketing conferences to form Joint Ventures and build your list
(value $97)

In this audio class you will learn:

  • The biggest mistake people make at conferences that means they will NEVER create Joint Venture relationships
  • What you can realistically expect to achieve at an event
  • What research you should do before you attend an event
  • What "tools" you need to prepare before you go
  • Where to sit at an event
  • How to break the ice with strangers - even if you are chronically shy
  • What questions to ask to find great Joint Venture partners
  • How NOT to approach experts at events
  • How to get expert speakers to remember you
  • 4 steps you should take after every event to practically guarantee successful Joint ventures

2. How To Profit From Interviewing Experts. (value $197)

In this interview, Master interviewer Shaune Clarke interviews me about how I built my business from zero to international recognition in 8 short weeks. This interview is normally reserved for my highest paying clients because I share secrets not normally revealed in public. The result of being grilled by a master interviewer!

3. Free tickets to any of my 1 day workshops.

In these one day workshops you will learn how to build your list fast, create products that sell and build a business that positions you as an expert.

Here is what some of my clients have to say about what i offer:

Connie Boris

Ludwina Dautovic

I’ll share with you how I made over $195,000
in 2 weeks and 2.5 million in the first 12
months by becoming an author

My job is to create best sellers – it’s what I’ve done for the last 18 years. In that time I’ve brought to market 21 best sellers for many well-known authors, including John Gray. I also have 7 of my own best selling books.

I don’t tell you these things to brag. I tell you these things because what they mean to you is that I have a wealth of practical knowledge in this area. I also have many useful contacts in the industry, including distributors, ghost writers, promoters, media people, printers, graphic artists, etc, etc. I also own my own publishing house, Global Publishing Group, so if I like your book and you want me to publish it for you, I can.

But here’s a bit about me first, as you need to feel assured that I really can help you with becoming a best selling author . . .

I’m the founder and international chairman of three of the world’s most respected & leading brands - Mars Venus Coaching, Global Publishing Group and Successful Growth Strategies - with offices in 11 countries including Australia, Rome, Paris, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, India, and North America.

I’ve been fortunate to achieve expert status in the fields of business development, sales & marketing, executive mentoring, franchising, self-development, relationships and accelerated psychological transformation.

I’ve authored of 7 best-selling books and am the marketer behind developing the expansion of the Mars Venus Brand, now in 150 countries.  The books have been  translated into 54 languages and sold over a billion dollars in sales.

For more than 20 years I’ve taught internationally, speaking to and motivating thousands of people in over 25 countries on how to create business, personal and financial success.  I’m a Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer and am qualified in Time Line Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, psychology and business management.

The American Board of Hypnotherapy lists me as a fellow diplomat, and I’m also a member of the Franchise Council of Australia and the National Speakers Association.

My Special Offer to OurInternetSecrets members

I see four types of people who want to write a book:

  1. People who want to increase their profile, so they stand out from their competitors and build credibility.
  2. People getting to the end of their career who want to record their life learnings.
  3. People wanting to write a best seller to make money.
  4. People who believe passionately that they have a message, cause or mission that they want people to hear.

As a member of I’m going to give you two tickets valued at $10,000 to our 3 day workshop How to Write a Best Seller.

Here is what some of my clients have to say about what i offer:

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Scott Lippitt,
Ogilvy Advertising, Colorado USA

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Melodie Tucker,
NASA Space Centre

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Dr. John Gray

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Jay Abraham

The collective achievements and expertise of this lot is pretty mind-blowing, isn’t it?
And that’s just the faculty list so far. Because as the group grows we’ll be looking for other experts to add to the team. Just as we’ll be adding to the hundreds of hours of video and audio instruction in’s already-bulging information vault.

There’s a real buzz about this mentoring program.  We haven’t even begun to get the word out yet. But already we’ve got nearly 200 members.

We think it’s pretty telling that the first ones to sign up have been those who’ve already had a lot of exposure to the world of internet businesses. The ones who are in the best position to know what great value this mentoring group represents. 

People are just so relieved to have a one-stop shop where they can source everything they need for their internet business from trusted experts… without having to sell a kidney on Ebay to afford it!

So let’s just recap all the goodies that are coming your way as a member of



    1. Access to a faculty of world-class internet experts based here in Australia, via workshops, teleconferences, forum and email. We have experts in Google Adwords, affiliate marketing, social marketing, joint ventures, offline free publicity, product creation, speaking from stage, search engine optimization, copywriting, running events, building profile, eliminating sub-conscious blockages, writing a best seller – and more!!


    1. Four 2-day workshops a year, demonstrating practical, step-by-step internet strategies, tools, techniques and tips. These workshops give you detailed, easy-to-follow content on subjects such as product creation and affiliate marketing.


    1. Weekly teleconference calls covering cutting edge internet strategies. The calls will be hosted by Andrew and Daryl as well as members of the faculty. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions. There’ll also be regular hot-seats where members of the faculty will provide insights into how you could improve your online business.


    1. Huge resource library, including Andrew and Daryl’s ebook and membership site packs, video of seven cutting edge internet marketing workshops previously offered only to faculty members’ private clients, marketing swipe files, and audio recordings on specific topics to help you maximize the income from your websites.


    1. Easy-to-follow Camtasia library of techniques and tools that we’ll add to over the coming months by popular request.


    1. Exclusive invitations, including free or heavily discounted tickets to live events that others pay thousands for. These 2 or 3-day workshops are run by our faculty members and others, and are packed full of practical content.


    1. The opportunity to joint venture with faculty members on an internet business. We generally have more internet opportunities than we can handle. By being part of the program we may approach you to see if you’re interested.


    1. An invitation to participate in the “Brains Trust” if you build a substantial internet business. We’re putting together a mastermind group of internet marketers here in Australia, to work with and support each other. We think there are huge opportunities for joint ventures (like the multi-million dollar ones we see happen in the US, and only occasionally get asked to join!). We also think there’s a need for a group to lead where internet strategies and training are going in Australia (and worldwide).


Plus loads more contributed throughout the year



Over $84,145

Ok, This Looks Amazing. But Exactly How 
Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

Well, that’s the best bit. And the very reason we set up this special group.

You see, normally to get access to a bunch of internet experts of this standard would cost you at least $3,000 to $5,000 each. That’s over $40,000 at a minimum. Then there’s all the other training material on the site – at least another $40,000 worth.

But here’s the special deal for those who sign up NOW for

You basically have two options.

To access what amounts to more than $84,000 worth of information and hands-on training at the cost is just $9,900 for a whole 12 months. And you’ll be able to pay it off monthly (that’s just $825 per month).

But it gets even better. If you choose to pay the annual fee upfront, we’ll discount the total by $3,000. So you’ll pay just $6,900 for the entire 12 months access.

Yes, just $6,900 for all the information you’ll need to set up your own money-making internet business!

Your Partner Gets Free Membership

As an extra bonus, your life partner or business partner – whomever you nominate – is automatically entitled to FREE membership to

That’s right, FREE!

So that’s effectively two memberships for the price of one.

And that’s just the start of the savings. As a member of the program you also are entitled to cut-price services from faculty members if you’d like them to do the work for you. And all of them have agreed to offer you exceptional prices they wouldn’t dream of giving non-members.

So why would they do that? Simply because they know their volume of business is likely to increase greatly because of the relationships they’ll build with members of Business that will come without having to spend time or money marketing themselves.

This All Sounds Too Good To Be True.
So What’s The Catch?

Yes, there is a catch. The fact is the prices I’ve just given you are not carved in stone. They’re basically the early bird rates.

Once membership of has reached a critical mass…

..and once our information vault is bulging even more

…the price will be going up to better represent the value it offers. We’re not sure by how much yet.

Possibly about $200 a month.

But the good news for those who join now is that your membership will stay the original price. Our thanks to you for supporting us.

But everyone who joins after we raise the price will be paying that higher rate forever more.

So when will the prices go up? Don’t know. It will depend on how quickly membership grows. But we’re about to launch a massive marketing campaign so things are likely to move pretty quickly.

And there probably won’t be any warning about the price rise. So that means you need to apply for membership right now.

But there’s one other compelling reason why you can’t afford not to be a part of this mentoring group. It’s something very rare from our experience. Something money just can’t buy. And that is…

…we’re genuinely passionate
about seeing you succeed.

We can’t tell you what an enormous buzz we get out of hearing about our students’ successes. When they tell us they’ve replaced their day job incomes with their passive internet businesses we’re thrilled to bits. 

When mums and dads report they are now able to spend more time at home with their kids thanks to all the extra money they’re making with their online businesses… that’s a great day at the office for us.

When people who have hated their jobs for years are able to sack their bosses, it puts a big smile on our faces.

See, all of our faculty members have a unique philosophy in business. It goes something like this: if you’re genuinely interested in other people’s success and in being generous with your time and know-how, then it comes back to you in spades. Or in other words, if you give you get.

They’re passionate about seeing you succeed

“Andrew and Daryl are passionate about teaching what they have learnt and are using today, by taking you through a SIMPLE step-by-step process, holding your hand each step of the way so that you too can emulate their success.”
Haylang Cheung

They hold your hand every step of the way

Andrew and Daryl take you by the hand and lead you step by step through all their processes. They reveal everything and show you exactly what they did—right down to the last click on the computer screen.”
Anthony Gill
Bondi Junction, NSW

They’re committed to your financial success

It is very logical, straightforward and it just makes sense. If you wanna make lots of money, these guys are committed to helping you get there.”
David Kennedy, Melbourne

Daryl and Andrew are genuine people with massive hearts.”
Tina Bogaard, New Zealand

Look, our faculty members don’t need to do this stuff anymore. Financially, our internet businesses have set us up for life. But the fact is we’re very passionate about internet businesses. When you’ve finally found the keys to financial freedom and living the lifestyle of your dreams, you can’t help but want to shout it from the roof tops.

And that’s the number one reason we decided to set up this mentoring group for fellow Aussies: because it’s going to be really satisfying to play a role in your financial success.

And The Opportunities to Make Money On The Internet Are So Massive There’s Enough Room For Us All.

In the last 12 months alone, the number of internet users worldwide grew by 25%.

That means there are over 700,000 new people every day getting online for the first time, or nearly 550 people a minute.

Online spending is growing at a similar rate. The US alone accounted for about $200 billion in online consumer spending over the last 12 months.  That’s an increase of 22% over the previous 12 months.

How good would it be to get a slice of that action?

So now you basically have two choices

1) You can continue to fork out too much money individually for all the bits and bobs you need to build your online business.

2) Or you can pay just once upfront and have everything laid out for you on a silver platter for a fraction of its market value.

This should be one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make. We can't imagine anyone who was really serious about making money online not jumping on this opportunity.

So don’t be the last one to sign up (and get stuck paying the higher price).

Just think… no longer will you fall victim to those pitch fests at internet workshops. You’ll be able to sit back with a smile of satisfaction as others storm the sales desk knowing that whatever they’re selling you already have access to… all included in your membership of

Ok, I Don’t Want To Miss This Opportunity.
How Do I Sign Up?

Well, here’s what you need to do.

You need to apply for membership of this club right now by clicking here.

And get ready to enjoy an automatic pilot internet income. We look forward to seeing your name come through our office.

Warm regards,

P.S              Remember, your life or business partner automatically receives FREE membership to
P.P.S           The price of monthly membership is likely to rise around $200 as soon as we get some momentum going. But if you join now, you’ll pay the much lower price forever more.

P.P.P.S       Got some questions about the club? Click here for the frequently asked questions page.